October 05, 2019

Draw Something

What if there is no visible platform in a platformer?


  • Date: October 2019
  • Entry to: Ludum Dare 45
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Engine: Godot 3.1
  • My Role: Lead Game Designer, Programmer
  • Play at: itch.io
  • Source Code: GitHub


"Draw Something" is a platformer game without a visible map. But we give you a marker to draw anything on the canvas.

The design goal for this game is to explore the potential of sound design in gameplays. Traditional game design methods heavily rely on visual feedback and sounds are only used to support imagery. In our game, sounds becomes the center role of the gameplay, all the feedbacks are channeled through audios. Players are able to finish the game without opening their eyes. Considering that most players are used to focusing on visual information when playing games, we introduced a feature that let players make notes on the map in order to transcribe the audio guidance into visual imagery. Such mechanism help our uncommon design more accessible to first-time players.



  • Arrow keys to move
  • LMB to draw
  • C to change color
  • Z to undo
  • Scroll wheel to zoom in and out